Military Applications


Introduction to Air 2000 Military Tropicalisation & Winterisation Systems

Climate Control for military vehicles and equipment is one that Air 2000 knows well whether the vehicles are to be deployed in hot tropical countries or in countries with sub – zero temperatures.

We at Air 2000 like to call this “ Tropicalisation and Winterisation”

The nature of modern military vehicles with high performance engines, sealed cabins, extensive armour and sensitive electronic and communications equipment, creates a more hostile internal environment than in other conventional vehicles. The effectiveness of combat prepared, fully kitted troops, in “closed down” vehicles is greatly compromised in conditions of extreme heat, high humidity and inadequate ventilation. In addition, mission critical electronic equipment is at a greater risk of failure when subjected to such hostile conditions.

Air 2000 experience in the “Tropicalisation” of military vehicles, has led to the development of an extensive product portfolio of air conditioning systems, suitable for upgrading of existing vehicles and also bespoke systems, designed in partnership with vehicle manufacturers.

The “winterisation” of a military vehicle for operation in cold hostile environments is considerably more complex than merely providing a high performance crew compartment heater and adequate vehicle insulation. At sub zero temperatures, many vehicle systems, designed for normal operation, may perform more slowly or fail to operate at all. The consequences are severe and could result in a mission failure.

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