About Us

Air 2000 Is an Australian owned company with subsidiaries in both Portugal (Air 2000 Lda) to service Europe and South Africa (Air 2000 South Africa (Pty) Ltd) with Offices both in Cape Town & Johannesburg. The Head office is conveniently based in Melbourne and has been in operation for over 30 years.

The DNA of our brand is built on the foundation of trust, reliability, and innovation. 30 years of customers believing in quality product and leadership have led to the enhancing of the experience of mobility and increased comfort on the move.

Air 2000 South Africa opened it’s doors in November of 2007, and now has established itself as one on the major players in the South African market. We are a major supplier of commercial vehicle integrated air–conditioning systems and are able to supply innovative air–conditioning solutions for most commercial vehicle based applications, Bus, Military, Mining, Ambulance, Cash In Transit, Agriculture, Road Rail, specialized vans, mobile libraries, for whatever your application we have a solution.

We are also able to supply a variety of accessories, bus air curtains and heating systems. Localization of product has become a big part of our business make up, this has been in conjunction with our overseas based supply partners, so we are able to supply you with the same quality product with reasonable pricing.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is sustainable profitable growth and comprehensive collaboration with our OE business Partners. Specifically we strive to become the market leader in each chosen key market segment, this shall be reached by smart applications of the OE products complimented by relevant aftermarket products and services in order to provide high quality added – value solutions.

Specifically we strive to become the market leader in each chosen key market segment, as quickly as is profitably possible.

Our mission is for customer excellence. It is based on the foundation that being our customers preferred supplier, and insuring their success guarantees our own.

Customer Excellence is that we are not just satisfied if we meet the expectations of our customers, we are bent on surpassing them. We believe that a customer who is not just satisfied, but delighted, will be loyal and bring new customers.